Just In: Commercial Brokerage Course Online

20090902-EscalatorPeople216px-ClipartComHARRISBURG PA – Polley Associates was approved Wednesday (Sept. 2, 2009) by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission to offer the second of only two online real estate pre-broker license courses available in the Commonwealth.

Its title: Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

Until now, only one broker-level course was approved by the Commission for online delivery. That’s “Valuation of Residential Properties,” and Polley has offered it for several years.

The availability of the second course is cause for celebration on two levels. First, it expands educational choices for broker license candidates overall, and allows them to further enjoy the convenience of being online. Second, it adds to the repertoire of courses with a much-needed specific view toward the commercial side of the real estate business.

“Commercial Real Estate Brokerage” covers several topics, including:

Commission approval of this 30-hour course means it yields 2 of 16 credits required to obtain a broker’s license. It also covers all 14 hours of continuing education needed for salesperson’s or broker real estate license renewal. Learners taking this or other broker courses consequently get twice the value for the same price.

The price, by the way, is $375. That’s competitive with other pre-broker license courses Polley offers in classroom or online, and actually is less expensive than some highly popular classroom courses of fewer hours and credits offered elsewhere.

During the years that Polley has offered courses online, many learners have described them as engaging and entertaining. Be aware, though, that taking an online course demands a relatively newer computer – nothing older than three years, with at least 1Mb of memory – and, even more importantly, a fast DSL or cable Internet connection with a compatible Web browser.

If you have questions about the new commercial brokerage course, or about taking courses online, send us an e-mail or call us in person at Polley Associates, 800-220-2789 toll-free. We’d be happy to help.


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